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Day 1 Sports and Entertainment Management

My time working with Day 1 Sports and Entertainment Management started out as a project based internship, and eventually evolved into the position of Director of Client Services and PR.

Director of Client Services and PR

Responsibilities in the client services role range from scheduling and coordinating travel and creating itineraries, to attending Pro Day for clients who are NFL Draft Prospects, to invoicing and billing and keeping record of budgets, costs, and revenue for invoices, to connecting and coordinating with our clients and their families and our Day 1 family on a day-to-day basis.

Responsibilities in the PR role are more focused around securing, coordinating, and scheduling interviews for our clients, working with our digital media team for content and graphics to send out and post about our clients, and managing all appearances and communications for our sports clients - NFL and NIL athletes.

One way I have used my position to benefit Day 1 and our team, is by creating a Client Questionnaire we have all of our new clients fill out, and then their information is put into a database, created by me, to keep it all in one place. The purpose of this questionnaire is to get to know our clients and their interests better, and to help aid our team in media, marketing, and sponsorship deals for our clients.

In this role, I have also had the opportunity to oversee a team of interns and help guide them in their projects, tasks, and be a point of contact for them.

I also work with our team of NIL Athletes that Day 1 has recently signed. Through working with them, I have learned about Name, Image, and Likeness and what it entails, learning and understanding the rules surrounding NIL in the NCAA, and how to discuss and secure NIL deals for our college athletes.

With both of my positions, I also help to coordinate, plan, and manage events, fundraisers, and camps held by our clients. I work on these projects with a team of people including Day 1, our clients, their fundraisers/charities (if applicable), families, and the guests of these events. The logistics behind these events is primarily where my responsibilities lie with securing locations for events, registration, creating event itineraries, being a point-of-contact for events, and much more.

Operations, Recruiting, and Marketing Intern

  • Salary cap analysis and contract management.

    • I was tasked to create a cap analysis for a NFL team and was responsible for finding the big needs of my team and based on the room in our cap and roster depth, what could we afford.

    • I also researched players in Day 1's clientele and decide what kind of contract or salary would be applicable to them, and if these players would be a good fit for my team.

    • Then myself and a coworker underwent a contract negotiation process where I had to present my research and findings and negotiate on behalf of the NFL team.

    • Throughout this process, I used services like OverTheCap, PFF, and other platforms for statistics, analytics, and contract updates on the team and players involved

  • Information and Data Sheets on Clients

    • For these sheets, I researched all clients to create a visual that has some quick-facts and eye-catching statistics on them. The goal of the info/data sheets is to provide a supple amount of information to the audience in just one page of information. Typically, these sheets would be created and then sent out to prospective teams or organizations for our clients for playing, coaching, and front office positions.

  • Post-NFL Job Proposal

    • Part of the job of this agency is assisting players with the transition from NFL to life after the NFL. During my internship, I had the opportunity to create a proposal for a position for one of our clients' career post-NFL. This client came to us with an idea of a new position on a football coaching staff, and really came up based on his experiences in the NFL and the players he was surrounded by throughout his career. I was tasked with the responsibility of taking this idea and creating a proposal for this role to be added to a Front Office or Coaching Staff.

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