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South Elgin High School Cheerleading Coach

Getting ready to enter my 2nd year as the Head Junior Varsity and Assistant Varsity Cheerleading Coach for the South Elgin Storm!

Getting back into coaching has made me realize my "why" again. Growing up, I was a competitive cheerleader for about 11 years, and during high school, I coached a Pop Warner cheerleading team (made it to Nationals all 4 years I coached, with 3 Top 5 finished, and 1 2nd place finish).

Coaching this team of high school athletes is an amazing experience to get to do again. Coaching to me is about more than just achieving new skills and high scores, but getting to be a role model in the life of these young adults, teaching them to be accountable and how to advocate for themselves, and helping to develop them into better people outside of the sport are all reason why I do it. Similar to why I coach, is my "why" for wanting to work in sports: to be a small piece of making a difference in the world. Sports are powerful and effect the lives of many people in the world, whether or not they are the athlete playing the game, and I believe in the power sports has, and what it means to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

South Elgin Cheerleading is one of the top high school cheer programs in the state of Illinois. During my first season at SEHS, our program continued to write its success story.

Junior Varsity:

  • Six Top 3 finishes - 3 1st place, including Conference Champions.

  • Highest score by JV team in school history

  • Achieved team goals set at the beginning of the year

  • Effectively developed athletes physically, mentally, and emotionally


  • Six Top 3 finishes - 3rd place at IHSA State Finals, Sectional Champions (highest score overall for division), and Conference Champions

Outside of these amazing accomplishments, my responsibilities include:

  • Creating and facilitating practice plans.

  • Assisting the Head Varsity coach in managing fundraisers, budgets, payments, and team schedules.

  • Planning travel for all games, competitions, camps, and other team events

  • Creating smart goals for the team for each practice, each competition, and the season as a whole.

  • Creating a plan-of-action for goals of the team and situations that arise with athletes, coaching staff, and/or the athletic department.

  • Understanding the rules of IHSA athletics and informing my team of these rules and guidelines.

  • Scoresheet analysis and understanding.

  • Attending all home and away football games, home basketball games, and all competitions for both teams. Traveling to and from games and competitions with the team.

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